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About Us

SLO Trenchless is locally owned and operated family business. We’ve proudly served the San Luis Obispo County and surrounding cities since 1992. We’ve been in business as general contractors on the Central Coast for over 25 years, currently specializing in sewer lateral replacement with state of the art trenchless…

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Video Inspection

Our ( Rigid SeeSnake ) state of the art camera and a video monitor digitally record the results of the inspection. We provide you with a copy of the video recording on a flash drive, and submit the results on a flash drive to appropriate local utility companies or city agencies to help manage your sewer repair project and upcoming sewer compliance requirements.

Sewer Line Locating

Our camera identifies the exact location and depth of your sewer line.The camera inserted into the line sends a signal to the locator above ground allowing us to mark the exact location of the sewer line in paint or chalk. This valuable information allows us to identify the exact location of where the problem is in the line, and eliminates any guess work towards resolving the problem.

Repair and Replacement

The trenchless method is a fairly new technology. A torpedo shaped metal bursting head is attached to a steel cable that is pulled through the existing sewer line The bursting head splits the old existing pipe and pushes it out of the way as the new pipe is pulled through bursting the old pipe in place as it’s replacing it with the new pipe. The existing line is a conduit used to pull the new pipe through.



  • Trenchless sewer repair is best for the homeowners who want to replace piping without ruing sidewalks, landscape and driveways. Th

  • In the olden days people used to dig ditches to dump their waste in them. However, this waste disposal method not only ruined the

  • A trenchless sewer repair offers full value for money and also saves you time. It not only costs you less, but is fast and all you